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Re: Hoof Problem
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Posted by Nat on June 23, 2001 at 13:21:44:

In Reply to: Hoof Problem posted by Red on June 23, 2001 at 11:48:37:

It sounds like you either have a fungal or parasite problem with your goat. Has he been wormed lately, or dusted/sprayed for mites/lice? How are his hooves, and the area between his toes? I think that treating with bleach is a little too harsh for his skin, and I'm not sure if the motor oil is doing him any good. Did he start loosing hair badly before or after the "treatments?" Also, what is he getting for a feed ration?

Have you tried to wash him with an anti-fungal shampoo yet and keep him in a clean, dry pen? I personally would give him a good bath with a medicated shampoo, and try to apply some kind of anti-fungal spray or cream. If the problem persists you may want to have a vet come out and do a skin scraping to figure out what the culpret is so you can start him on an appropiate treatment.

Good Luck, sorry for the 20 questions.. just trying to figure out what could be causing this. I've dealt with a few fungus problems in the past from rain rot in the horses, to mange in cows, to ringworm on my wethers.. not to mention 101 foot problems in all the animals :-)

-Nat's Little Bit Farm



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