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Re: Lacerated Udder, Part IIl
Amber Waves Pygmy Goats Elastrator
Posted by Nat on June 23, 2001 at 21:06:57:

In Reply to: Re: Lacerated Udder, Part IIl posted by Bernice on June 23, 2001 at 19:34:08:

Thank you so much guys! I was pulling my hair out tonight. I was scrubbing out pens, and put off milking for a few minutes thinking nothing of it. This is the doe who will help herself to what she needs.. or will run through 3 hot wire strands to be first on the milk stand..

My doe was inside her temporary pen (I'm in the process of shifting growing kids and lambs around the barn) and I just heard no unusual noises. I finished bedding the pens and set up for milking. I went to go find my doe.. and she was barrel deep in hay, in the hay manger!! Talk about heart attack.....

Thank god her bag was full. The last doe had a big laceration because the wrinkly empty bag caught on a loosened wire.. ugh.. I had to tie my togg up so she wouldn't try to jump out while I searched out tools to disassemble the damn goat death trap. She just stood there licking me while I was untangling her. Goats are so understanding.

WEll.. I got her to the milkstand. Didn't see anything wrong, no blood.. I was relieved for a minute... Then after washing her I reached for her right teat and about 1/2 from my right thumb.. it was wet.. AUGH... Not a horrible wound.. but enought to set me off tonight in a panic after the last ordeal, and with national show entries in a nice addressed, stamped envelope on my desk..... ugh...

And you'd think with all the animals I have, and ALL the misc. crap i've collected in sprays, meds, ect.. I didn't have what I wanted. (i've used the aloe heal alot of times on the horses).. and NO superglue in the house.. and all stores closed at this time of night...

I got her milked out ok, and she's resting comfie in a nice, just cleaned and washed pen. I'll have a fan on her tommorow to keep flies at bay, and i'll douse her barrel and hind legs in some fly spray (don't worry, I trashed my yuckie pink SWAT years ago!!) I'm sure milking tommorow will be a sore ordeal.

Thank you guys for responding so quick. It makes me feel a little better. I always hate having an animal get hurt when it could have and should have been avoided.

I'll keep everyone posted!

-Nat's Little Bit Farm

p.s. Everyone please go through your barns when you have a chance and do a little safety check for all those little hazards we overlook like prutruding nails, loose wires.. ect.

Thanks Again! and thanks to gary for allowing such a great bunch of goat enthusists to have such a wonderful site!!!! I don't know what i'd do without you guys!



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