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Re: Harness Goat Bits
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Posted by Nat on June 24, 2001 at 20:28:31:

In Reply to: Harness Goat Bits posted by Red on June 24, 2001 at 17:00:05:

I suppose you could use a mini-horse bit, but I'm not sure that its going to solve your problem. Getting an animal to accept a bit, and then respond to it can be a whole new fight. Somtimes they will even ignore your cues more, with new hardwear. I know this well from both horses.. and goats. It almost sounds like he's not sure what you're asking for (when he just walks right through a command, like turning)

With my driving team, in the early stages when we were still working with diretions, I really stressed voice commands, and would use slight rein pressure as a re-enforcement to the voice aid. If I didn't get a responce, I would give the goat a slight tap with a whip on the opposit side - giving him the idea to move away from it.

As long as you can communicate what your asking for, in a clear way, your goat should eventuially understand that with mild cues, you turn, ect. You may want to try and back-track to the earlier days of training to make sure he understands what you're asking of him.

Good Luck,

-Nat's Little Bit Farm



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