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Posted by Helene on August 09, 2001 at 07:38:56:

Hi, When I placed my order with Jeffers for Sulfaquinoxaline I ordered the pint size, because I didn't have the money to order the gallon size which was $49.95. I got a call from Dr. Jeffers a few days after I placed my order, and told me that the pint size was discontinued and they did not have any left in stock, he said they still carried the gallon size..but again, I had ordered several other things like their CD&T and stuff like I could not afford to get the gallon right away.

Anyway, I asked him if he could recommend something else in it's place, and he told me he would much rather use the Di-Methox Sulfadimethoxine and it was more effective. They had a 107g packet same price as the pint size of the other.

He gave me mixing instructions as well. I am not questioning him at all, but I just want to make sure before i go and mix this stuff..I dont' want to do it wrong, I do not know what effect it will have on the goats if I screw this up. So if I tell you his mixing instructions, can someone please either varify this is what they do if they use this product, Or if not can I get your mixing instructions.

He said to empty the contents of the packet which is 107 grams or 3.77 oz in a pint sized jar or container and fill w/water which will make about 480 cc's. He said to give 9 cc's per goat for 5 days for prevention.

The only reason I am questioning this is because first of all this is an awful lot of powder for one pint size jar, but then again, what do I know..but I do know that with the Albon the dosages depend on the weight of the goat. Now Vicki in your instructions you sent me for the Sulfaquinoxaline you said 2cc's per 50 lb goat, I know that you also told me that you would send me the diluting instructions for the Di-Methox if I wanted it, but I figured instead of emailing you privatly I would post it here so everyone would benifit any answer anyone can give me.

Thank you.

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