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me again with just two questions

Twin Star Ranch Seaweed Meal
Posted by lisa on August 12, 2001 at 16:41:41:

are pygmys the same as dairy cows in that if they have a male female twin set that the female is usually sterile? and will hay that is moldy make the does abort? they got into a bale that i was using to block a hole in the fence while i ran to get some supplies and now iam worried. ohh and ty to all who told me to try animal cookies for treats. my buck and one doe who were wild as can be now come up to me when i come in and beg for cookies with real soft bleating its so cute and the buck jumped up on my chest to hunt my front pocket lol, and thanks for the advice on the electric fencer we just opened our new yard for the goats in our grove full of trees and grass and they love it but the buck desided he was going out and tried to push the fence and i heard one snap and havent seen him within 2 feet since iam hoping it stays that way, you guys are the best. thanks for all the answers to my questions that iam sure youve answered before and thanks for the peace of mind.... lisa

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