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Talk about a BAD Day!!

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Posted by Linda F on August 17, 2001 at 16:20:06:

Hope you don't get sick of me if your not already but I have had one of the worst days i can ever remember! First of all last night my son complains of an ear ache gave him some tylenol and told him if not better by morning we would go to the doc. Get up this morning its no better so made an appointment for 9:00. Do chores get ready to go and get outside to the car and I have a flat tire (great). Well never changed a tire before but did today needless to say we were late for the appointment but he has a case of swimmers ear. Get home decide to mow the lawn and no gas in the mower or gas can run to town to get gas, fill the mower and the mower wouldn't start sooo I get out the charger and charge the battery for an hour this morning while thats charging I thought well i'll wash a few loads of clothes welllll the washer will not spin out, so much for washing clothes! Go back to the mower and try to start it guess what it still don't start the starter is bad. O.K. I am not a drinker but by this time a good stiff drink sounds really good but had to go check on the goats. Go to check on goats and I find my fullblood boer nanny scouring and off feed, one doeling who had a horn broken off and my sons pet goat who is a royal pain in the #@* has her head stuck in the fence, the only place possible to get their head stuck she found it. At this point I'm thinking the hell with a stiff drink I'll just go to the bar and start over tomarrow (not). I have decided I'm not going to do anything else today because if one more thing happens I will not be responsible for my actions. ( suprised my computer still works Knock on wood). So help me out with my nanny thats scouring and off feed I did give her a sulpha drug orally this afternoon but she is looking perty tough. Thanks for letting me vent I needed to do that for my own sanity. Oh ya she is nursing and nobody else in the herd has any problems, and just wormed her the first of this month, and brought in 8 new does into the herd could that be causing a problem?

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