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What is the least painful procedure in getting your little buck fixed?

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Posted by Taelor Warnick on August 23, 2001 at 14:40:07:

I'm new to goats and I have a 6 week old little buck that I need to get fixed. I've called the vet to make an appointment to get him netured. She said she could put him out with anesthesia, but she still cuts his scrootum and it's not like a dog which I was hoping they would do it like that. She says dogs and goats are built differently so you don't do it the same way. I know you can also band, but I heard in Great Britian they banned that because it was so cruel. The vet says they are uncomfortable for about 30 minutes when banding. I've become quite attached to this lil guy and I just want the most pain free. The vet will charge me about $70.00 but she said that there is no painfree way after the operation. So far as healing and that goes. What do you guys suggest? What is the least painful for my little "Hugie" I named him after my Dad. He wanted something named after him and I sure in the heck wasn't going to get a pig. He use to raise pigs and wanted me to get a pig and name him after him, but that's another story...Anyway, all your suggestions would be most helpful, and then I will make a decision after hearing all your input.....I know if I had a herd I wouldn't be asking this question as it wouldn't be very practical to take all my goats to the vet for this, but I just have the one, and m/b more later on...Anyway how painful is it for them and how do you guys do it? ....Taelor

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