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Re: Goats aren't mini cows

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Posted by Bernice on August 23, 2001 at 16:24:18:

In Reply to: Re: Goats aren't mini cows posted by Yes they are! on August 22, 2001 at 08:35:57:

I am really for once in a LONG time at a loss here as to what to say. I realize everyone has their own methods of herd management and farm practices. each person employs methods that work best for them. If some choose to feed their animals with feed, minerals, supplements, etc, even medications that are at best not the desired, "Rule of thumb" then we have to just stand back and bite our tongues.

I am not a proponent of any types of feed supplements or additives that contain ingredients such as urea for example. What can we do about it? Well.... we could disagree all day and night on the issue and still not get anywhere. The only solution is to educate our lawmakers and lobby for changes in our feed labels, because until the laws are changed to stop such additives folks who utilize such management programs will continue to feed their animlas and manage them as they see fit. Its America, its their choice.

More research is needed in order to determine the hazards of using such ingredients. We need emperical scientific evidence in order to change, but in doing so we must determine in studies if the said ingredients correlate to certain conditions. The reason i say this is because folks will continue to use such products as long a sour FDA allows it and doesn't do research.

I will concede this, that slaughterhouses are under more scruitny than before and accountability is now coming into play, so if folks sell their animals fed certain ingredients that can cause such conditions as Mad cow or FMD then they will be accountable. So until the tightening of regulations is passed then we all must just take a deep breath and grit our teeth!

And yes,....... there is a line drawn in the sand here....... so bottom line is this, to bigger ranchers its cost effective, but at a cost that they may not realize yet. We can try to inform them all day long, but if its their chosen method, well... not much we can do to change their minds. Its all about choices and some producers choices definately impact on what the rest of us do and how we are viewed unfortunately.
Thats why we need to get out and promote ourselves...... to change stigmas and sterotypes created by those that are oblivious to reason.

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