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CRYING goat!!!!!!

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Posted by dan on August 25, 2001 at 08:43:22:

im curious, how much crying is too much? we got a second goat 4 days ago to keep our first company, both 2 mths old. the newer one doesnt cry at all. but jasper doesnt stop. only when we are with him does he stop. i mean ALL day long 8 hrs plus. is that normal? i guess nothing is wrong with him because he doesnt cry whem were around. the two goats have only been together 4 days now. should they bond and keep each other happy? before we got the second we only had the first for 4 days so he couldnt be that attached to us???
also, different people hve told us to fed them different foods. jasper ate alfalpha pellets his whole life untill we got him, but the women we bought our second goat from said that the pellets killed one of her goatsso we feed them both grain. i went to buy more grain and all the agway had wa dairy goat grain. it has molasses in it. i thought that wasnt good for them. it certainly wasnt the type of grain the other goat had been eating. a little confused by all the different opinions on feed?
thank you again. dan

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