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Re: Fat Goat?

Amber Waves Pygmy Goats 3cc Syringe
Posted by Vicki McGaugh on August 27, 2001 at 17:27:24:

In Reply to: Fat Goat? posted by Lynn on August 27, 2001 at 08:34:02:

I would go and look at her, run your hands over her ribs, if she has a roll, than she is fat, you can't tell by looking unless the roll is hanging down, now thats gross. If she has never had kids I would pass. If you can get her for a song, you can see if she comes into heat in 21 days, don't breed her on it though, count 19 days more and give her a 2cc IM shot of Lutelyse, she will come in, in about 36 hours, put her in to live with a good older buck, as the buck is breeding her (well right afterwards) give her a 1cc IM shot of cysterelon. Keep her in with the buck for at least 7 more days, if she continues to cycle over and over and get bred over and over, than she is infertile. We have never had this regime miss. This will help her ovulate and also break cysts on the ovaries which actually help a doe be and easy keeper by screwing up her hormones. This has worked well for us in the passed. Vicki

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