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Is alfalfa hay to rich for my pgymy's?

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Posted by Taelor Warnick on August 28, 2001 at 06:48:36:

My babes are still with the mom that I borrowed a few weeks ago, but I'm taking back mom to the owner in a couple weeks, and I think she's gained a couple pounds...She was just right when I borrowed her. Anyway, I have two acres of pasure with grass. The goats seem to like the old dried up grass and weeds over the grass but anyway I feed them alfalfa hay too. My folks grow alfalfa hay so I'm going to buy it from them, but is it to rich and should I buy grass hay instead? (I'll still have my two little kids when I take Mom back so this question is for them)...... During the summer should I still feed them hay along with the pasture and which type of hay would you suggest? I've been giving Mom a little grain so m/b that is why she got a little chubby. I know pgymy's are a little chubby anyway, but she was just right when I borrowed her and for the future for my kids I want to know the best way to feed them. I would appreciate your suggestions, and I want to thank you all so much for the last few questions I have asked too. You guys are always so supportive and helpful to us new goat owners. I will ask the lady that I borrowed the goat from too, but I would like as many suggestions that way I can choose what the majority said...Thanks Again..Taelor

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