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Re: Boers.. a passing fad or the real deal?

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Posted by Vicki McGaugh on August 29, 2001 at 08:51:10:

In Reply to: Re: Boers.. a passing fad or the real deal? posted by djb on August 29, 2001 at 08:38:26:

Just like in dairy, there are folks who use these animals for milk, meat, show, selling breeders, but we still import milk solids. The meat market is the same, though there are a few real meat folks which raise and sell goats just for meat, it is mostly a show, breeding stock market, with huge numbers of goat meat still imported. The large ethnic areas simply would rather pay imported prices than the inflated prices at the farms, then the butcher prices. Without enough butcher facilites the ideas of all your kids each year going to a processor at even a break even price simply isn't going to happen. The only boers going to meat are the ones who aren't sold as breeders or to a 4H kid for the jackpot or county show. Though the Boers came here with the big ideas of the true animal on grass, they are certainly not raised that way. My girl friends feed bill is nearly double of mine, with less animals, mine dairy hers boer. Because of this over conditioning she also has a med/vet bill that boggels the mind! We are just now seeing the ravages on the boer goats from the Cydectin, LA200, Banamine, Nuflour, DEX drug problems, the huge amounts of all of the above they use on regular bases, and the real problems of longevity their goats are having. Talk to a boer man and you will here them talking about their OLDER does, they are 3 to 5! Our OLDER does are 10+! When you destroy the liver (the liver has to filter all these drugs, cydectins carrier very much similar to the industrial solvent DMSO) of your goats your goats age very quickly! Until a united goat association is formed, for the good of all goats, meat, dairy and fiber, there will never be the strong goat lobby like the dairy cattle, meat cattle, or the pork or chicken lobby has. We also will continue to be at the mercy of the FDA, in which we will forever be lumped with sheep, first now with the new scrapie regs, next will come CL and Johnnes. Vicki

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