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Hi Helene,

I think like Mary said she is probably okay or she would have shown some signs of injury by now. I'd still be inclined to keep an eye on her for awhile though because sometimes an injury won't show up for awhile afterwards. Kind of like being in an auto accident. You feel fine and then a week or two later you realize that your back hurts or you have pain somewhere as a result.

But goats are pretty tough and figuring that their heads are pretty much built for impact - head butting - they usually get through stuff like this okay.

That look you are seeing, I'll almost bet that it's the same look a goat a shows when they have been in a head butting contest and lost. I've seen that look too. A couple of our does would vie for herd queen status and it was like the clash of the titans. When Sable and Fawn went at it, Fawn retreated and had a real pitiful look everytime Sable strode by triumphantly. So I'd say that you've just become the new herd queen!

Best regards,

Gary Pfalzbot

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