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Cold Weather

Posted by Helene on October 07, 2001 at 13:43:09:

Ok guys..the weather here is starting to get cold..low 30's at night..and between 50 and 60 during the day. This is going to be the first winter with our goats..So please tell me if I should have on hand anything special. We have lots of hay, and lots of feed..We have put hay down in their barn for bedding, to try and keep them warm. We are working on getting some kind of warmer so they have warm water so when it is really cold or when it snows and their water does not freeze. Ordered plenty of sulfa drugs and have LA200 on hand. Already I had one w/ the "green snots"..but my husband gave her a shot of LA200 before I could even say anything..but it seemed to have worked..cause she is fine now..My concern is for the little ones..I have 3 that are 3 months old, and so far so good..but I guess I just get worried...My husband says to me last night "do you want I should take the babies in the house??" Joking at me because I was afraid that they would not keep warm. I know goats are mountain animals and I know they have survived colder winters than we have here in Tennessee..Someone told me that as it gets colder their coats get thicker..I am just not sure..should I maybe feed them more often than we normally do. We usually feed them twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening..and we have hay for them all the time now that the grass is not growing anymore. During the day we let some of them out..they are great for cleaning the brown leaves that are falling off of my patio..I don't even have to rake (smile)..

Any other suggestions?

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