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A Very Sad Evening!!

Posted by Helene on October 07, 2001 at 19:37:12:

Hi, I am sitting here at this computer at 9:15pm, everyone in my house is asleep but me. We had a very sad thing happen this evening.

My oldest son went outside about 7pm to give our goats one last check and found Nicholas lay lifeless in the barn. For anyone who is not familiar with Nick, he was a 7 month old pure boer, my 10 year old son (my middle son) purchased from a good friend of my husbands with his own money at the end of April.

Nicholas was the sweetest little guy you ever did see, he would come when you called him, and would run to you with that little tail wagging with excitement and give you a great big hug! He was a very special little guy. What made him even more special was that this friend of my husband's that we purchased him from was killed in a tragic car accident a few months ago. Wes (my son) took a very big liking to Randy (our friend) and was very upset upon his death, he looked at me and said "Mom atleast I will have Nick and every time I look at him, I will remember Randy". What makes this story even sadder is that Nick was also the goat we nearly lost to a severe case of Cocci in July. Thanks to everyone on this wonderful list, we took him straight to the vet who treated him for the cocci and dehydration and with a lot of faith, he recovered.

I am not exactly sure what killed him. There were no bite marks on him, no foaming at the mouth, and there has been no signs of illness. Unless maybe Pneumonia?? I really do not know. He was up to date on all of his shots, worming and I even gave all of our goats cocci prevention a few weeks ago, because we had brought 2 new goats into our herd. All are healthy...I would have liked to have had him checked out, but I just could not do that to my son. We buried him this evening, it was after we buried him, my son and I spent the past few hours printing the only photo I took of Nick a few months ago, and maked plans on how we are going to fix up his grave tomorrow. We are going to plant some flowers, the kind that he used to love to eat of mine, and make a little headstone and place his picture in it. Wes has Nicks collar and his little bell that was on his collar, and we will place that in a frame next to another copy of the photo and hang it over his bed so he can look at it every night. Tonight my son lays in bed with Nicks color clutched in his hands.

Guys, you have no idea what it did to me to watch my son from the window digging Nicks grave with my husband and my other son. His poor heart is broken and there is nothing I can do to fix it..I guess only time can heal his pain.

I hope I am not sounding too extreme here..I guess you just need to know my son. He is a very sensitive child with a lot of feeling. He is very quiet and pretty much keeps to himself. He took a lot of pride and joy in the fact that he purchased Nick with his very own money that he had been saving for something special, and bottle fed him..Nick was "his"..and he loved him dearly.

I am sorry for the sad story, I just knew if I came on this message board and let it out, I would feel better, knowing that all of you would understand. It is hard having animals and getting attached to them. Gary, I am going to submit Nicks picture to you for the Goat World Picture Show, I know my son would like that! I just wish there was something I could do to ease my sons pain a little bit.

Thanx for listening.

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