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Re: Coyote hanging around the farm

Posted by Helene on October 10, 2001 at 10:37:47:

In Reply to: Coyote hanging around the farm posted by Nat on October 09, 2001 at 17:24:54:

Even w/our LGD I keep our bedroom window opened a crack at night so I can hear everything that is going on. Every night you hear the dozens and dozens of dogs barking down the road..but the other night I heard a new addition or additions..Coyotee's howling..It was scarey to hear it!

I have seen what Coyotee's can do to a cow, so I could just imagine what they can do with a goat. I heard the howling for about 2 nights, then the other evening our LGD Ralph sat up barking and barking all night long. Our barn is in our back yard fairly close to the house. Close enough that if anything goes by it, our sensor lights go on..It was dark yet Ralph was still barking his fool head off. Maybe something was comming from the woods behind..I don't know..I went out in the middle of the night, my nightshirt, a pair of boots and a flash light (oh I was a site..LOL)..The goats were all fine, Ralph will usually lay right outside the barn door the entire night not budging.

Maybe he sensed Coyotee's or something, I am not sure. We keep our Chickens locked up behind a door every night. The goat house does not have a door, but as I said Ralph sits in the door way all night, and if one decides to wonder off a little bit..nope that is not acceptable, he will get that goat back..Our chickens have been subject to dog attacks and wheasels even behind the locked door. The dog, a huge german shepard got in through the tiny door we had so the chickens can go in and out of their penned area. Since then, we do not penn them anymore, they are free range, The german shepards that got our first flock are gone, but still go back to the old Chicken House at night to roost at the first signs of sundown, then we close the door, but Wheasels can dig right under. I am sure if a dog or Coyotee wanted them bad enough they would dig as well.
Keep us posted and let us know what is happening!

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