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LA200 and Tylan 200 for the treatment of pneumonia

Posted by GoatWorld on October 10, 2001 at 15:33:29:

Hi folks,

Please understand that I am not the "final authority" on antibiotics and would never claim to be. I just wanted to clarify something though about the two antibiotics LA200 and Tylan 200.

LA200 is an oxytetracycline antibiotic - a broad spectrum antibiotic that "could" be used for such things as shipping fever, some forms of pneumonia, pinkeye and a variety of other infections that might arise.

Tylan 200 is more specific for pneumonia and other things - it is not an oxytetracycline antibiotic. While the label does not specifically list goats, here is what Tyaln 200 is designed for - Shipping fever, pneumonia, - usually associated with Pastueurella multicoda and Actinomyces pyogenes; foot rot (necrotic pododermatitis) and diphtheria caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum and metritis caused by Actinomyces pyogenes. - Beef and non-lactating Dairy Cattle are the animals covered above.

Also used in swine for swine arthritis, swine pneumonia, swine erysipelas, and acute swine dysentery.

The Tylan 200 label also mentions to not mix Tylan 200 with other antibiotics. A good bet would be to not mix it with penicillin or gentamicin or other such antibiotics.

Again, I'm not saying that LA200 is not effective for some things, it has just always been my opinion (and experience) that I've never saved a goat with it. Besides the fact that it also contains the alcohol (and some generic brands carry sodium formaldehyde and/or hydrochloric acid) as a carrier for the antibiotic. Neddless to say, it does sting when given as an injection. There is a non-sting version of LA200 known as Bio-Mycin. Also, one should note that Tylan 200 does have a small percentage of alcohol and 50% propylene glycol as a carrier for the antibiotic.

So now some of you may be a little confused between Tylan 200 and LA200 with good reason since they both list pneumonia as a virus they help to cure. Personally I think the Tylan 200 is more the pneumonia specific antibiotic. LA200 does have it's uses however (at least the non-sting version): let's say a goat has a cut or wound, pinkeye, something other than a "respiratory" type affliction.

One thing too (and I can't remember where I learned or heard this), the tetracycline antibiotics have been known to interfere with fetal development. Such things as teeth and bone formation.

Again, I'm not a veterinarian or the book of knowledge on all medications, but I have learned the majority of this from comparing notes, reading labels, reading articles and from hands on experience. If you have a goat that suddenly appears to be slightly "off" in behavior, a shot of an Oxytetracycline antibiotic may very well tip the balance between good health and poor health.

But if the goat really appears off, it is probably best to treat the situation with the more powerful, specifically formulated antibiotics. Tylan 200 just happens to be an OTC drug and is my first resort before going to prescription antibiotics. But it's always a good idea to pinpoint what the ailment is first. You wouldn't want a doctor to treat you for a sore foot when your arm is broken.

Only through each of us comparing notes can we help each other correctly assess a goats problem with a greater degree of accuracy every time.

Best regards,

Gary Pfalzbot

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