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Tree War

Posted by Mary on October 18, 2001 at 14:29:21:

OK, this is a new one to me. Today I was outside (with the goats of course). Mr Jacob my 7 mo old billy was out in his pen kicking up a storm...leaping, running, just having fun. Then all of a sudden he started having a head war with the he was slamming the jeepers out of that poor tree. Unfortunately, I think he lost as his head and ear were bleeding when he got done.(not a scratch on the tree). His injuries aren't serious, and the bleeding stopped momentarily-thank god! Anybody got any idea what he was doing?? Taking out his sexual aggrivation on the tree?? Trying to get the does to feel sorry for him....."oh, poor Mr Jacob, what have you done to your's bleeding...come on over here and let us get a closer look" his dreams. I don't think any of the girls are in heat right now. They are staying way away from the shared fence line....usually when they are in heat they are sass-shaying right by the fence, just out of his reach(the little hussies). Just wondering if any of you guys had any clue to the reason for his behavior. Sorry I'm a bit punchy....guess I'm a bit stressed out....watching too much news. I'm thinking of putting a rock through the TV and pulling the wires from the radio. Becoming a hermit is sounding pretty appealing....:)

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