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Re: Things are OK again

Posted by goa t mom on November 01, 2001 at 18:36:17:

In Reply to: Things are OK again posted by Lila on November 01, 2001 at 09:44:29:

Lila,I promised to tell you and your husband ,A true story. Its been years ago but to me it happened just yesterday, This was an arabian horse that had a 2 month old colt at her side.My hay farmer brought his 16 year old daughter to see it. she fell in love . They had other grown horses.So I made adeal -horse for hay. Since the colt wasnt weaned yet, I let him take the mare,untill the colt was weaned. Well he built A very nice shelter gave over thier care to her and she simply starved them to death. Dad thought she was feeding but she wasnt.I went By there one day to see them , I went balistic, When I saw that poor mare and her starved colt.I went home ,got the biggest truck and trailor I owned.Picked my vet up and found locked gates when I got back. Talk about thelma and louise. Drove through fences till I got To her. My vet . who is very good tried every thing in the book to try and save her. The colt lived .Pink lady died.and was buried in her very own pasture. SO any of you guys out there think I'm crazy , you are right.YOU think I'm sweet , then you are as crazy as I am.Once I get an animal ,Here it stays. NOT FOR SALE -Every time I read a post like Lilas. My heart breaks.Show them this post and tell them I live next door to them.------goat mom [sorry]

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