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Posted by Linda F on November 10, 2001 at 09:41:13:

Hello everyone! Yes I'm back I just want to say that I really missed goatworld and the wonderful people on this site. In case you don't remember me my name is Linda Flanagan and my husband Pat and I raise fullblood Boers and percentages have been doing this for a few years now. We have currently sold 1/2 of our herd and are now down to 20 head. Goats are wonderful creatures and I have to say that I really wouldn't want to raise anything else at this point. Besides raising our goats we have 4 children 2 of which have already moved and are on there own and going to school they are 20 years and 18 my 18 year old had just moved out of the house but she is close to home and I see her everyday, (guess you can say she's a momma's baby). The 2 that are home yet are 15 and 13. OK now that I got that out of the way back to the goats we just took our bucks out of the pens with the nannies about 2 weeks ago so hopefully in January we will be kidding, also hope the weather stays nice like this for the rest of the winter ( ya right!) Can always dream I guess. We live in Southwest Minnesota near Pipestone so I am fortunate to have a good Vet and clinic close by in case of emergencies but they are not always available so thats when all you helpful people will have to help me out! Well I've rambled long enough Look forward to chatting with all of you and its nice to be back.

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