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Getting a sick goat back on feed

Posted by Nat on November 15, 2001 at 16:29:30:

I've got a pretty sick wether on my hand. (Read earlier posts - my response to the soremouth q's) He's got soremouth pretty bad and isn't eating well. He's dropped an incredible amount of weight in the past week or so.

He's gotten Vitamin B complex for 2 days, Probios, and Pen G for any infection that he may get from the sores.

I've also given him nice 2nd cut hay that isn't stalky, fresh grass clippings, his usual grain mix with diced carrots in it and molasses water to give him a little more of a boost. He laps up the grain well, just isn't eating enough dry matter for my liking.

Any suggestions? I'm going to try to get him so Dengie (bagged, chopped alfalfa that has a molasses like curing to it) see if he'll eat that, if not I'll get some alfalfa pellets, or maybe try some corn silage? I don't want his rumen shutting down.

Right now he's seperate from the herd, in with his brother who has soremouth, but not as bad. My buck was beating both of them up so he's getting a luxury, solitary confinment pen this weekend, and the sick boys will take over my big pen.

Thanks guys


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