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Re: Cold, Snow and Water

Posted by DianaC on November 25, 2001 at 00:23:53:

In Reply to: Cold, Snow and Water posted by kari on November 24, 2001 at 20:09:58:

We use electric submersible coil heaters that have a built in thermostat. We keep the 5 gallon bucket in a corner against the barn wall and plywood-lined section of their pen, so the bucket is out of the way and doesn't tend to get spilled---and so we can pull the cord through the corner to the "people side" to plug it in and not leave it around for them to get tangled on or pull. So far, this has worked for over 5 years.
Another option is to get the shallow(1 foot high-so they can't jump in and freeze) Rubbermaid stock tank with a plug that unscrews for the winter to be replaced with a plug that has a built-in heater. When we use this, we put the tank(about 4 feet long) against the fence so that the cord can be pulled through to plug in-and they really can't get to it.
Don't know if this helps--but good luck and keep us posted.

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