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Re: First blizzard

Posted by Helene on November 26, 2001 at 15:02:02:

In Reply to: Re: First blizzard posted by Lila on November 26, 2001 at 10:15:50:

hummm I feel left snow here (now watch it come down like crazy since I just said that..LOL)Actually the weather has been pretty nice. Cold at night, in the 30's in the low 50's to 60's during the day. Had some badly needed rain here the other day, they finally lifted the ban on burning..

Oh guys guess what..we now have 3 calves!!! Sort of like a rescue mission, but we will have them through the winter..They belonged to my husband's uncle, who gave them to my son to care for as they needed special attention. We get round bails and some calf starter and meds delivered to us reguarly from him. All 3 need to be bottle fed, one of them's mom died, the other was attacked by a coyotte, and he is doing fine, the coyotte just got his poor ear, and the other was attacked pretty badly by a dog, chewed a hole in her. She seems to be doing ok though. I think they are going to make it. We have had them since the day before Thanksgiving..

My goats are not too thrilled w/the fact that they get fed first though, they kinda peek through the fence and look at us funny, think we need to feed them first..LOL not sure I like having cows..They are so cute, but I still love my goats!!

When we had chicks in the dead of winter, we used to put a heat lamp on them. We used to get them from 4H so they had no mom..we maybe lost one or two within the first few days which is to be expected, but they did find under the heat lamps, just keep em warm..

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