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Virus Warning and other items...

Posted by GoatWorld on November 26, 2001 at 22:32:16:

Hi folks,

Maybe some of you already know but I just wanted to make sure - there is a new virus going around that seems to be plaguing the goat lists. If you receive email that contains the subject line of "Re:" and has an attachment (paperclip symbol in Outlook Express mail), DO NOT OPEN IT even if it is from a person whose name you recognize. This is a worm virus that spreads itself through your email MAPI client. It is very easy to get rid of but instead of telling you how here, I would suggest that EVERYONE reading this go to either"> or and download or update your virus software. Be sure to perform a SCAN ALL FILES check.

You'll most likely only get this virus through email if you open an infected email. Online systems such as the Message Forum cannot spread viruses as easy as they can be spread through email. That's a big plus for us at least. Just be very careful of who you open email from. Because of all of this, I am restricting my incoming email - if I receive an email that is infected from someone I know, I will block the person from sending me any more email until I know they have ridded their computer of the virus. If any of you have web based email systems (a system where you can go online to read your email instead of downloading to your computer and reading it), I'd strongly suggest using that system until this thing dies down. From what I have been told by others, several of the goat lists are gettin ghit real hard the last couple of days. Just today I received over 70 infected emails from as many different people.

Also, while I am on the subject of bad things, I am still fighting a battle with persons intent on adding porno site links wherever they can add them on GoatWorld. Just tonight I had a person write and tell me that she was offended by the 50 or more porno site links I had listed in the Nubian goat section of GoatWorld. I went there and sure enough, there were 50 plus. They are gone now but it has gotten ridiculous. No sooner do I clean out the trash when more of it gets added someplace else. PLEASE, if any of you happen to see areas on GoatWorld that have this kind of garbage, LET ME KNOW. GoatWorld has so many pages that I cannot observe all of them everyday and maintain the quality and integrity of the site. I am going to have to go exclusively to a "anything added must be approved first" system and do away with the free links kind of features. The concept behind them was ideal in many respects, but the "honor" system isn't always honored. At least here in the Message Forum I know you great people and know that none of you would stoop to that childish behavior.

Well, keep your eyes peeled for virus email. Hopefully none of you will get infected. By the way, of the infected email I did receive, I did not recognize any names of members here in the Forum as being the sender.

Best regards,

Gary Pfalzbot

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