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Sick wether part II

Posted by Nat on December 02, 2001 at 19:37:56:

Hi everyone,

Went out to feed the critters tonight and wasn't too happy about what I was greated with: One of my wetheres is still "off." A few weeks ago soremouth raged through my herd and one of my wethers was off feed pretty bad and then became weak. I had the vet come out and we treated a secondary infection from the open sores with 9cc pen g for 4-5 days, and gave him vit B complex for 3 days, and lotts of probios. He was pretty miserable for a while, then seemed to pick up. He was eating well, just still a bit "flopsy."

The funny part about the whole illness thing was that he became very unsteady on his feet. Would go to run outside and flop down, or trip and almost go head over heals - un coordinated. We figured the shakeyness, and unsteadyness was due to not enough energy in his system to help maintain him. He did improve when he got back on feed once the soremouth healed up.

I dont know why but a red flag is in my mind. I'm not sure wether to think that he had a touch of Listeria maybe? or the other thought was possible menengial worms? We do have the buck pasture RIGHT by our orchard that is frequented by lots of deer. (esp during the big apple crop this year) Any thoughts, or am I just being a paranoid mom?
I just dont like how uncoordinated he is. He eats well, walks about (but kinda funny - no circling or anything, but not right either)

p.s. I will call the vet again tommorow for a second opinion. I'd get blood to the lab for testing however our local diagonostic lab the CT state one (located at my university) is closed due to an anthrax scare.. I guess some idiot wound up finding a vial of cow blood that had anthrex - a 1960's frozen sample from a necropsy. Talk about a bunch of idiots.. UGh.. real big threat there.. oh well. Hopefully they open soon.

Thanks alot guys! sorry to ramble on. Just puzzled by the whole thing.


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