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Posted by Karen on December 07, 2001 at 14:43:41:

What a goat week this has been. Wednesday I set out w/my boys to collect ear corn the very first one I picked up had a weed attached to it. Of course when pulled the weed attacted and smacked me in the eye, scratching it in several places. But we were on a mission so after filling the car(a neon so that was easy) and unsticking my 4year old from the corn field we went home. After a short amount of time I realized my eye was a problem the fact that it was nearly swelled shut and wouldn't stop tearing was also pointing to a problem. Of course I would rather have my husband wait on me then admit I needed help and go to the Dr., so thats what I did. It's now day 3 and I think he would have rather I went in. The goats however have not seen my efforts as a sacrifice, they promptly got out as soon as my husband left, not one but ALL of them!!! Most came running when I got the infamous corn out. Topping off this newly formed case of Goat Poisioning that I have, I recieved a phone call from a man that got 2 of my does this summer. He is moving and the animals must go would I come and get them??? Of course I could also have thier mates 2 faiting bucks and 24 chickens... Now at this point I am laughing the last thing I need is goats esp. 2 more bucks and this whole mess started because I was trying to do something nice for goats. Anyway gotta go because now the blue heeler is loose and only God knows what he will round up and bring home....have a good day and laugh!!!! Sorry about the spelling the eye doens't hurt much but it doesn't focus well either yet....LOL gotta laugh

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