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For Tanya, Re: Kid with diarrhea

Posted by GoatWorld on December 13, 2001 at 12:36:27:

Hi Tanya,

How is your goat doing? Any better? You were asking about the Bisol. Here is the orignal message I posted about it (including the NADA "official" information).

What the others are saying about the Albon is probably the best way to go. If you can get CoRid (active ingredient Amprolium) that will work also. But with CoRid, there have been studies done that show that the Amprolium will delete Thiamine levels. There are also studies and paragraphs written about coccidiosis where it is shown that goats (or cattle) are more susceptible to coccicidiosis when they are deficient in copper. I have never yet had to try a modified copper diet on any of our goats because of the coccidiosis, but then the minerals we feed contain high levels of copper (intended for horses). You may want to consider supplementing with a nutra-drench that is used on lactating dairy cattle - it contains more copper than the goat specific nutra-drench.

I think the misnomer about bisol liquid is that there is a drug called "sulfadimidine" that is used to treat coccidiosis in "other" parts of the world (I have no experience with this drug) . Bisol contains "neomycin sulfate". The two are not the same though somebody might see the "sulfa" in both and think they are. Also, the bisol treats "colibacillosis". A few probably mistake this as coccidiosis. And I just looked, sulfadimidine is not currently listed in the drug database but does show in European searches:

Hopefully one of these days soon, I will start carrying some cocci treatment and prevention products in the GoatWorld store if I can work out a deal with the supplier or manufacturer.

Hope your goat is at least doing a little better by now.

Best regards,


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