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Bucky acting Doe????

Posted by Karen on December 15, 2001 at 10:22:53:

Hey does anybody have any experiance with a doe who acts like a buck. This is a La Moncha doe I am not sure of her age but lets say she is about 4. "Penny" is a large girl about 200# + and has always been very dominant, she has no horns but will take on the horned goats and back them down. She comes into heat as she should and has produced 2 sets of twins for me. We pasture breed and have had our Boer buck(1 1/2yrs. this is the first year we have used him) in w/the ladies for a couple of months now. However he isn't very aggressive and doesn't like the "Penny" doe (she beat him up once). So I put an older Mytonic buck in w/the girls for the afternoon, he was thrilled. "Penny" was not!!!! She fluffed up, stiffened her movements and butted him, he has horns. Then she made herself real tall and stuck her tounge out and made the buck noises?!? I am sure he didn't cover anyone as everytime he tried to "talk" to the ladies she stepped in just like a dominant buck would. I am wondering if she could be bred and is in the middle of some sort of hormone change or what. She did not act like this a month ago, but then there was only the one buck in w/her? I may put her in with just the Mytonic in the next week or so. She is so aggressive that last winter when I was feeding I heard a terrible crash. When I got back to the barn a Nubian doe was just getting up, Penny was walking away. I guessed Penny had hit her. In a matter of just a day or two the Nubian miscarried then died herself. So my other question would be does anybody else have this aggressive problem w/LaManchas?? I have 3 does they are all "TOP DOGS" Penny being by far the worst. Thanks in advance.

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