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Re: It's me again...sorry...Goat getting way fat!!...and big time runny noses!!

Amber Waves Pygmy Goats ZinPro 40
Posted by Helene on October 09, 2001 at 08:53:37:

In Reply to: Re: It's me again...sorry...Goat getting way fat!!...and big time runny noses!! posted by Nat on October 08, 2001 at 14:00:49:

oh I forgot to mention the two I mentioned in my response to Gary did have a slightly elevated temp.

Poop seems fine, I did check that. also we have a small pasture, so the grass has been gone from there for a while, no frost yet, so they have been eating mostly feed and hay. I did let them roam my yard a little bit they can get some leaves and some grass..

On the LA200, hummm now we read you give in 2 doses, 72 hrs apart from eachother. and that is if the first dose does not do the job..I will have to go and read the box..I am not sure what instructions Mike was going by, maybe it was something someone told him?? I am not sure. I do know that after 1 dose of the LA200, ERis was fine, althought we did give her a second, just to be sure..she had the green snots.

It is funny thought that you asked if they are still on feed..Yes they do eat it..but we just noticed this morning, that they seem to be just picking out the corn in the feed. As I mentioned in my response to Gary's post, we also have hay free choice, and I just bought some cracked corn to give them too.

The bloat that Eris was getting in her belly did go down from yesterday though..that was the first thing I checked this morning. Right now it is Billy Jack I am worried about, I am going to watch him very carefully..hoping his apitite (spelling??) comes back..the little one w/the raspys..I am going to make her a goat coat today (smile).

Thank you for your words bout Nick too! (smile) guys really are the best!!

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