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Re: LA200 and Tylan 200 for the treatment of pneumonia

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Posted by Helene on October 11, 2001 at 04:53:23:

In Reply to: Re: LA200 and Tylan 200 for the treatment of pneumonia posted by GoatWorld on October 10, 2001 at 19:34:48:

I will try the neturadrench as you suggested then. I also have Karo Syrup and B12, so maybe that will give him a little boost. Thank you! I haven't been out to check on them yet..I am fixing to do that right now...

Gary I am like you..I have taken a large interest in goat behaviors, probably because we had so many different kinds at one time or another. We have had very good luck w/our Boers. Nick was a full boer and he was the sweetest thing going, you couldn't ask for a better goat..he would even answer you when you called him. He was also bottle fed, so that had a lot to do with it. We got his brothers Billy Jack and Billy Bob maybe 2 or 3 weeks after we got Nick. They did not have any human contact what so ever, so it took a long time for them to become tame, but they will run up to you for a pet just as quick as the others do. We also have a full boer doe that we got at the same time as the wether, they are brother and sister. She still is not too sure of us, will come once in a while but we don't have her fully tame yet.

We have had several White Spanish, these goats had a weird personality. They were bred with full boers (before we got them) and one of them had a buck. "Bubba" will not let you near him for anything. Now the other 2 have strange personalities and will not always come to you..One will yell if you look at her weird. The other, she was an angel! She had passed away not too long ago. I do notice that when you talk to them (yes I talk to my goats..LOL) The spanish seem to look at you like they know what you are saying, but just don't care.

We have another what I think is a spanish/kiko mix. She was a rescue. We got her before she was weaned from her mamma and it took me days of fighting, running and catching her to give her a bottle, but after the first 2 times, she became very sweet..but she also has attitude now that she has grown up. She will come to you only if she is "in the mood to"..

My fav breed is the LaMancha..We were at a goat show last summer when we first started with our goats and I saw these LaMancha does and I never saw one before. I was totally facinated with them..because of not having ears I guess..and I HAD to have one. So after finally talking my husband into buying me one (mind you I was buying her even if he didn't want mind was made up!!) She has been such a joy. It amazes me how they really understand what you say to them and how wonderful they are. You know I was talking to you the other day about goats being in the house, Eris my LaMancha is the same color as our house dog. I didn't have my glasses on, my youngest son was outside and left the back door opened. I saw what I thought was my dog comming into the house and sat down in the livingroom on my husbands reclyner. Well when I got a little closer to get her off the chair, I realized..IT WAS ERIS!!..The personality on her is amazing. We also have a Neubian doe and she is really sweet as well.

My husband likes the meat goats and I prefer the dairy..obviously we want them for two different reasons. I am looking forward to be able to milk next year..My husband, he would rather raise them for the meat. So once we get our herd built back up, (we only have 10 now) I guess that is what we will be doing a little bit of both. Of course mind you that once I get attached that is it..They stay here LOL..

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