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Unhappy Son

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Posted by Dalice Skapnit on October 12, 2001 at 03:32:28:

Just had to share this story with you fellow goat lovers. Wednesday I was in the kitchen when my 10 yr. old son came walking disgustedly into the house. He said, Rex bred Ant! Rex bred Ant! and she stood there and took it! Twice! He bred her and she TOOK IT!
I started laughing and he got madder. THen I tried to be more empathetic and a good mommmy. Ant is his 8 month old registered Nubian doeling he bought with his own money and was planning to breeed to a nice registered Nubian buck this fall. Rex is my little can't keep in a fence 6 month old Registered Nigerian dwarf buckling! I didn't think he would big enough to reach but according to my son he did and twice! I do raise mini Nubians so all is not lost to me but to Jeff it is! After two days he is softening a little. I told him we'll watch and maybe it won't have taken. THree weeks and we'll know. I just break out in a chuckle every once and while during the day when I see him in my mind and hear him saying,Rex bred Ant and SHE TOOK IT! Kids, you gotta love 'em, both kinds. Dalice

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