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Re: Bleaching the barn

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Posted by Nat on October 17, 2001 at 18:28:30:

In Reply to: Re: Bleaching the barn posted by Diana on October 14, 2001 at 17:19:50:

When you combine ammonia and chlorine, you get chlorine gass. If your barn floors had alot of urine soaked in them, and you cleaned up with a strong solution of clorox, you get some pretty nasty fumes if the barn isn't ventilated well. I learned my lesson when I tried to bleach out my poultry house between broods. Talk about stinging nostrils and watery eyes.

A good way to disenfect, especially good for birthing stalls - is a solution of Nolvasan. Its a brand of disenfectant that kills just about everything depending on the water to Nolvasan mix. No noxious fumes that I know of, and it kill alot of bad viruses. The only drawback is the cost, its like $40 a gallon but is good, and goes a long way when mixed according to directions. Also, any other brand of kennel disenfectants are good too - the stuff your vet uses in the office.

We used Nolvasan as a foot bath at work during an outbreak of a swine disease to prevent it from going barn to barn. It did the trick and prevented us from tracking it around. Many farms used this for FMD preventative foot baths. The stuff is strong, I think the label says it kills anything from parvo in dogs, to rabies, to BVD in cows, ect.. pick a virus. I may finally invest in a jug this spring before kidding season!

-Nat's Little Bit

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