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Posted by GoatWorld on November 04, 2001 at 17:09:38:

In Reply to: kid with weak back legs posted by Cindy on November 03, 2001 at 19:45:25:

Yep...I agree with the earlier posts. I've had kids born with weak back
legs....healthy otherwise. Given some time and TLC, they pull through just
fine and are up and moving around just like the others within a week or two.
As long as the temperature isn't elevated, and there isn't any other sign of
problems, I would say that as long as the kid is nursing mama, and some
Bo-Se the kid will be just fine.
Denise Hack
Windy Acres Goats, Idaho

If this little guy has much of a Selenium deficiency it doesn't just go away in
a few days. It is usually very damaging or fatal. The deficiency has to be made
up for.
BoSe is most commonly used in goats. MuSe is much stronger.
I had this problem in my herd and for years listened to a friend that kept
telling me those wobbly legs just need a few days and they are fine. By the
time it was diagnosed by the vet it was a severe problem through out my herd. It
effects not only the kids in the form of weak legs but, respiratory problems,
heart problems, and immune system weakness. In adults you can see, fertility
problems, including abortion, early births including weak kids of very low birth
weight, and not being able to settle in does, low libido and poor semen quality
in bucks, heart problems, immune system weakness, respiratory problems and more.
I have been giving BoSe twice a year to my adults and a dose to kids at birth
and at a month if not needed before. The problem is going away now but it was
awful! I just wish I had trusted my gut feeling a long time before I did.
The other problem sure sounds like inhalation pneumonia from birth fluids.
Sounds like this one could have a tough time.
I think the lady should talk to some breeds in her area to see if they are in a
selenium deficient area of the country.
Penny Tyler

Gary, it would not hurt to tell her to give that baby Thiamine.......5
ccs per 100 lbs ..It is possible its goat polio, but kinda
doubtful....even so, Thiamine is NOT going to hurt him in any
way.....and on the outside chance, I would give it....

Judy Muska
Quality Boer Goats
Breeding and Show
Guardian Dogs
Member The IBGA ABGA

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