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Posted by GoatWorld on November 10, 2001 at 05:09:23:

Hi folks,

Some of you have probably already noticed that I have changed a few things here on the Message Forum like I have been planning to do all along (but never seem to find the time - LOL).

Okay, what we have "new" at present is:
"Drug Database" - this is located near the very top right hand side of the screen and links to a database which contains all the drugs and antibiotics currently in use by veterinarians. This is "official" information provided by the government.

"Member Profiles" - this opens to a page with many of your member profiles listed so each of you can read about one another. Still looking for a few more of you to submit your profile for inclusion.

"Add New Links" - this opens to the new GoatWorld Links system and allows you to add your links (within an appropriate category) and a description of those links. Links added must be approved by me before appearing - this is an added security measure to thwart the immature behavior of the persons who added a bunch of pornographic links to the old GoatWorld link system. Please keep any links added goat related only.

"GoatWorld & Goat News" - this page provides news and information about not only the development of GoatWorld, but also contains headlines for articles relative to goats and the goat industry. Quite often I write "news updates" directly to the Message Forum but forget to update the "news" page with the same information. You'll definitely want to check this link out every so often.

"Event Calendar" - this feature is an online calendar that I may be changing based upon security issues (see the add your links feature). You can add upcoming shows and events to the calendar for view by the general visitors to GoatWorld.

"Poisonous Plants" - this is a link to the Poisonous Plants section here on GoatWorld that I have worked on from the beginning. I am always interested in getting input and ideas about plants since they comprise a large part of nearly any goats diet. In short, if you see that there is a specific plant missing from the list, please let me know.

"Upload Files & Photos" - this feature allows you to upload a file to GoatWorld for use in any one of our features (Picture Show, Postcards, Breeds, etc.). Alternatively, you can also send your pictures and files via email to me. Eventually I will be making some changes in this system where Message Forum Members will have ultimate access to this system, bypassing the "upload approval" system now in place.

"FAQ's" - aka Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Message Forum. This page contains common questions and answers regarding the use and features of the Message Forum. Also included is a Terms of Service agreement (which many of you have already perused when you signed up). You'll be able to read about how to use specific features of the Message Forum as well as how "problems" are dealt with.

Overall, these are just a few changes that I have made this morning to enhance the Message Forum. Please let me know your thoughts and opinions on these changes if you will. Also, if you have any ideas on what else I may add (or delete) to further enhance the Message Forum, I'm all eyes and ears.

Best regards,

Gary Pfalzbot

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