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Update on Trishee Ann

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Posted by Sandy L on December 07, 2001 at 19:12:25:

Update on Trishee Ann. As I said in an earlier message Trishee Ann was fine Thursdays evening at feeding time and this morning she was off just a little. I gave her nutri drench and probios, I came home at lunch time today and she was down. For a couple of minutes she didn't even know I was there with her.. No time to come on to the message board for advise so I called my vet to make a farm call.. Dr. Michele came out and checked Trishee Ann and she is at a loose as what the exact problem is.. Trishee's temp was 103.3, gums were more pink then not, and her eyes are bright..She cant stand without assistance and is very wobbly. she doesn't have diarrhea and her urine is fine and there is a little rumen movement at this point.. Its a great possibility she could have Listeriosis. Her mother survived Listeriosis 2 1/2 years ago. I still have her mother but she is blind..but other wise very healthy. Trishee Ann was 5 months old when her mother came down with it in July 1999. Trishee Ann was raised by her mom.. We just are not sure at this point if that Trishee's problem, but that's the direction we are going to take at this point. You all are probably wondering why I still have Trishee's mom but you have to understand I don't sell any of my goats. Maybe I should, but I just cant... My vet gave Trishee Ann about 1 litter of fluids under the skin to hydrate her and also give her a steroid shot along with Bio-Mycin and Vitamin B Complex. She also told me to give her 10cc twice a day of Milk of Magnesia to increase Trishee's Ann Magnesium in her... She gave me enough Steroid medicine for a couple of days supply.. When her mother was down my vet used it on her and she didn't know she was in this world for about 4 days, but she recovered. So we are going with the possibility thats Trishee's problem.. I will continue with the Nutri drench and probios through out the night tonight. At this point and as sick as she is I just don't think it would hurt. Right now she is resting comfortably and I have a goat coat on her to keep her warm. Just came in from checking her and offering her warm water but she would not drink it. She is grinding her teeth alittle so she must be in some pain tho.. I would not be at all surprised if she's in goat heaven tomorrow morning, she is knocking on death's door thats for sure, but i'll try to the end... Any additional information would be greatly appreciated..Oh one more thing she is not breed nor ever had kids... Thanks Sandy L

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