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Posted by Sandy L on December 09, 2001 at 18:21:17:

In Reply to: Sandy L, how is Trishee Ann doing?..nm posted by Bobbie on December 09, 2001 at 16:40:49:

Trishee Ann is doing reasonable well.. I cant stand the thought of giving her another shot, so I have changed over to oral antibiotics and will continue that for several more days. She does tilt her head somewhat and still will not eat her grain, but eats her hay..Still very unsure of herself while up walking around. Thanks for all the prayers.. She'll be fine...
Now here's a helpful little hint that I have learned while Trishee Ann has been sick.. Since Trishee Ann has been sick I have been giving her 10grams of probios plus natural vitamin E twice a day... I purchase the 60 gram tubes. I also have on hand the powder form which comes in a 5lb container for mixing in water or sprinkling on top of their feed.. But since she is not eating grain top dressing her feed will not work right now. So I done a little experimenting with a way to not contaminate a whole tube of probios with her germs. What I done was used a 12cc syringe (smaller size will not work) and measured the correct amount of probios. The end of the probios tube fits right into the end of the syringe and you just squirt the probios in.. Simple and not messy either.. And the tube of probios can be used for other sick animals and stays germ free at the same time..I have also used the 12cc syringes when I buy the large tube of safe guard wormer and prepare individual doses of wormer for each goat. Measure according to size and weight of the animal.
I use needle syringes for administering lots of difference drench medicine also.. When done I just boil them in boiling water and let them set for 10 minutes or so.

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