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Re: Does anyone give Blackleg Vaccinates

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Posted by GoatWorld on February 15, 2002 at 11:23:56:

In Reply to: Does anyone give Blackleg Vaccinates posted by Sandy L on February 15, 2002 at 08:52:37:

Hi Sandy,

If I am correct, I think Blackleg is covered by a CD/T vaccination - perhaps the difference between the 7 way and 8 way CD/T shot. I will have to research this more but I seem to remember seeing "Blackleg" listed on my CD/T bottle (which I can't find at the moment for some reason).

Blackleg is a clostridial disease caused by Chauvoei Bacillus and B. Anthracis Symptomatis - brought on by a scratch or surface wound. I also seem to recall someone once telling me that the blackleg shot is similar to a vaccination for CL and if you don't give it subq, the goat will get a really sore leg as a result. The vaccine used for CL on sheep should also be given subq and not IM. (Many will dispute that the CL vaccine for sheep and given to goats actually works).

Perhaps someone else knows right offhand about this Blackleg and can refresh/correct my memory.

Best regards,


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