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Posted by Karen on February 15, 2002 at 15:26:42:

Boy did I just get my poor does goat(sorry couldn't help it). ET an older La Moncha doe has started to show some signs of being Ketonic (YEA) so I decided to jump on it and get her going on Prop. Glic. she is not a happy camper. She has also had a boogery nose for some time due I think to our strange MI winter 60 durring the day 20 at nite then snowing/raining/icing you get the picture. Durring this whole cold thing and bad weather she has decided she is far to un compy to get up. Now most of her time is spent curled in a corner and her cold has turned into pnumonia. Not wanting to loose here she is now getting something for that. So anyway the poor thing had to endure drenching as well as a shot. She will not even look at me now other than to shoot daggers as I walk by. If I have the nerve to talk to her she turns her head until I am past. On the up side I have been drenching her for two days and she is more willing to get up than she was. Who ever said animals don't have feelings never had a goat. I am off to try and kiss up with a carrot.

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