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Posted by helene on February 16, 2002 at 06:19:06:

In Reply to: Re: MAD DOE posted by Sandy L on February 15, 2002 at 18:19:47:

yep sandy that is how it goes here too!! that is why i love goats so much..i love their personalities..when mike brought our first 6 home, i was excited cause it was something new. they were semi wild..3 does who were already bred, and 2 young does and 1 young buck. the young ones were the kids of the 3 does that were bred. these were our escape artists..needless to say, we have the does newer kids but the mama's and their other kids are gone!!

the first time they broke loose which was the day after we got them, it took hours but mike rounded them up (he came home from work cause i called him freaking out) he put them in the chicken pen while he was constructing a quicky shelter so they could be kept under "lock and key" for a while. i went over to the chicken pen cause they were all looking out at me..and started talking to them (my mom was there and thought i was nuts)i was kinda like "scolding" them for getting out..telling them this is what you get..etc..and they all looked at me like they were listening. granted they had that "yea right whatever" look on their faces..but they were listening..

that very moment is when i became addicted!! we had this newbian cross once, she was a trouble maker..big time..and we fixed the fencing, (at that time we had electric fencing, since then changed to woven wire) she would find the ONLY way to get out..and the others would follow..i used to get so pissed off at her, because I spent 1/2 my day getting my goats out of my neighbors gardens..and told her that if she didn't stop it she would become burgers..hence her name..Goat rid of her too..she started taking the goats way too far for them to even hear me calling..

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