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Our Great Pyr..

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Posted by helene on February 18, 2002 at 09:23:13:

We have had our Great Pyr Ralph since he was a little pup. He is still a pup, not even 1 yr old yet. Even though the people we got him from were reputable breeders, and Ralph was born with goats and chickens, I have to say I have always had doubts about what would happen in an emergency situation with him, since he is still a pup and to be honest, he won't even let us go near him to pet him. He listens and obeys but from afar. Since we knew from the begining, not to treat him as a pet, we never allowed the kids to go out and play with him. Although what was worrying me is that he sits and waits for our house dog to go outside so he can play with her. Watching him, and our pit bull play is truley histerical. The people behind us have a little pugg that comes over to visit, and he loves playing with him too. So I am thinking..well what is he gonna play with every dog that comes over?? He is always very alert, and barks like crazy at any noise he hears.

Ralph does not like being behind the fence, so he jumps over and lays around by the goats, but on our side of the fence. He also sleeps right outside their gate at night which is the entrance to the shelter. When we got the calves, he went over in their pen, and barked at them some..and they really never paid any never mind to him..

Well last night, we went to bed. I always keep my window opened a crack so I can hear what is going on outside. Then all of a sudden every dog in the area started barking like crazy..then I hear coyotee sounds..But we have a motion light in the back, that didn't go on, so I am thinking now where the heck is Ralph. I open the back door and call him..and there he is hearding the calves over to where the goats are, (but on the calves side of the fence, as they are seperated.)..He put them all together, or as together as he could get them anyway..

Have to say I am very proud of him, and now I no longer worry about what happens if a "suspicious" animal comes over to our property. I guess he likes the pugg cause he is small..and he can play w/him..and well Haily our house dog..he knows she belongs there..I don't know..but those coyottees sounded awful close, like on the other side of the woods..they must have been for him to heard everyone over to the other end of the property.

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