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ATTN: Mary - Happy to announce....

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Posted by GoatWorld on February 28, 2002 at 08:38:48:

Well, I'm happy to announce the arrival of two new twins from yes, you guessed it, Mary our Saanen who has kept me guessing for the last three months. Both are bucks and look like they have more Boer than Saanen in them. I found them both this morning and the event must have just taken place because there was still afterbirth hanging. I dried both of them off, moved Mary and kids to a special kidding pen. So far I've seen one actually get colostrum, the other is a bit weak. Given this has all happened just this morning, we've got the weak kid in the house for the moment trying to get him warmed up and will then try the colostrum again. We've got both natural and some frozen away just in case. As cold as it is, I'm sure that may have something to do with it, or, he was born last and has not had time to gain his strength.

Now just the other day I was writing about this goat and saying that she would pick the coldest day of the year to kid. Well, close. Probably the second coldest day. But I do think that last night was the full moon so there is another kidding that can be chalked up to the full moon. Mary Budin up in NY has been wondering and worrying about Mary the Saanen for the last three months along with me for obvious reasons. Well, our wait is finally over! What's that Mary? You're naming one of your kids Gary?? Oh no! LOL

Anyway, a ton of stuff to do right now but I will get pictures and have them posted soon. Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.

Best regards,


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