Dog attack on friends goat herd!

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Posted by Nat on March 03, 2002 at 20:29:54:

I got a franic call from my good friend in town, who once long ago had got me started in goats.

It appeas that her neighbors's dog had gotten into the goat pasture and was chasing the goats cornering them in the field and biting. She immediately called the dog warden and cops. They witnessed the dog bit a goat, chase them then they caught the dog and brought it to the pound. It appears that it had bitten 2 people earlier that day.

Well, to make matters worse, our idiot excuse of a dog warden has no clue about livestock.. and rabies requirements. The dog had its rabies shot... she does not vaccinate her herd as its not required by law, nor approved in goats (I do my herd as a safe guard) He wanted to take the doe and quarenteen her for 2+ weeks.. YEAH RIGHT.. a kid all by herself..

So, then the dog warden asks who does her shots.. of course its me. I do CD&T, worming and what ever else is necessary. We know in CT the vet does rabies per law. He tells her that I'm not qualified to give any shots, its just the vet. AHAHAHA, funny. I can give any animal any drug, (expect rabies) no problem, or any extra-label specail one with perscription and instructions.. That was funny to hear.. lol..

The BEST kicker is that I had a few months past been researching those wonderful State ordinances we all come to hate. Guess what? There's a nice 22-335 section that specifically holds the dog owner liable for all damages and expenses. I told my friend to have the vet come and health check everyone tommorow first thing AM, and to ultrasound all teh bred does.. yes, bred does being chases by this dog all afternoon. Also, the dog should be dead due to #1 it bit people while wandering.. #2 "worring livestock" can be shot by cops or warden.

Hopefully everyone is ok and that damn dog gets what it deserves. Just remember folks, be up to date on your state laws.. they can come in handy, esp when your dog warden isnt familiar with the livestock vs domestic animal attacks.

Anyone have similar stories?

-Nat's Little Bit

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