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Re: Child Physcology (sp sorry) from a 5 year old OT

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Posted by Helene on March 14, 2002 at 14:31:36:

In Reply to: Child Physcology (sp sorry) from a 5 year old OT posted by Karen on March 14, 2002 at 07:59:13:

Karen that is so cute, and I can definatly relate! Zak who is our youngest just turned 4 in January. He was late w/the potty training..he was about 3 or so when he finally was. He just "couldn't want to" use the potty. So of course after he was trained we used those pull ups on him at night. I don't know why, but up until about 2 weeks ago I continued to use the pullups, even though he never wet them. So I said to Mike this is crazy, we spend all this money on these things why?? He never needed them..So I said to Zak, ok Zak we are done with the pullups and I am not buying anymore, you can wear your underwear when you go to sleep. He says why mom, I said because you are a big boy he goes over to the refrigerator, we keep the Play Station games on top of the refrig, so he does not get into them, and he stretches up and says see mom..I am not big I can't reach yet.

Since Zak is our "baby" (Todd is 15 and Wes is almost 11) I guess I tried keeping him "the baby" for as long as I could. So of course I would say Zak are you mamma's baby and he would say yep!! crawl on my lap and plant me a big ole kiss..So one day I asked him that infront of Mike if he was still my baby, he says no mom I am a big boy now. 5 minutes later he says psst mom I want to talk to you in my room I said ok and followed him. He says sit down so I did on his bed and he came and crawled up on my lap and says Momma I am still really your baby, but just dont' tell anyone..they will laugh..

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