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OT another reason why we need to appreciate goats lol

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Posted by Nat on March 16, 2002 at 21:30:43:

Well, tonight as I stood, 11:30PM at work doing my night calf checks.. I started to really apprecaite how special goats are in comparison to cows. While I really love those angus steaks.. they're much better behaved in plastic wrap.

To my dismay, searching through the dimly lit beef yards I spotted a fresh new, wet calf.. it was black..ugh.. why couldnt a hereford calf.. much nicer attitudes.. Angus Mom was 594... ANGUS.. an older, EXPERIENCED cow.. yes.. experienced in barn help pounding 101.. She saw me comming with the calf cart and a cane.. and the hollerin began. All the others in the pen started to slowly get up and get out as they knew what was going to happen.

Well, 3 of us later, we pushed the angry momma cow out, shut the overhead door and grabbed the calf at a run as momma was pounding the door to smitherines. Weighted it, vaccinated it, and then I ripped the ear tag out as the tagger malfunctioned and didnt release the tag and it all came out :-( next ear.. When we dumped Mr. Bull Calf into the pen MOMMA KNEW! Man was she hollering from outside.. I had my boyfriend man the overhead door chain, my other friend covering me and myself front and center pushing calf out in view and getting ready to run aftr covering the other people so they could get out..

BOY did she run at me and get me out of that pen fast!

Just appreciate those pesky goats.. At least 250lbs is much better then 2,500lbs and a real attitude.. lol... I may have had a doe or sheep ram me, but I've had too many x-rays from the cows :-)

Just wanted to share my story of the night.. off to sleep and I'm certainly not going to count angus jumping pen fences after me to fall asleep.. lol..


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