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Is spring done yet???????????????????? OT long sorry

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Posted by Karen on April 04, 2002 at 11:40:19:

Hey all what a week. I think I posted our doe "Saanan" kidded last Thursday two buck kids, just what I had wanted (really). Of course it couldn't be easy the small one "Boo" got cold and tried to die on up twice. He is now fat and fine as is "Little Foot" , why "Little Foot"? Well because he has little feet, just as our son Caleb. Thursday was also the day the boys got dropped off at my mom-in-laws for the nite. Andy and I went to a horse sale Good Friday to MAYBE get the boys a pony, since it was maybe we left w/o the trailer. Really we wanted a small horse and of course there were alot of "it has to be's" going along with it. So we get up at 6am goathater is NOT a morning person, get our normal one pot of coffee before we can function down and do chores. Somehow we got to running late, so it's off to a resturant for breakfast and another pot of coffee. Now normally the service is good but of course Friday it was SLOW afterall we were in a hurry. We drive the 1 1/2 hrs to the sale and park about a mile from the barns. After walking up we stopped in the horse barn horses were going far over what we had so we went to the tack barn, there were a few things that would have been nice but the auctioners had better things to do then sell stuff, so back to the horse and pony barn to search. 500 horses/ponies later we found one that would work, it was a gelding, 6yrs, decent size and well behaved. Some rather round kid was ridding him all over and the pony was great. Now it was find something to do for 2 hrs when the ponies sold off to the Amish store we got 7# of cheese and some nasty pickled eggs. Since we didn't want to carry them it was back 1 mile to the truck. Now the truck locks but doesn't unlock from the outside you have to crawl through the back window. I am 4'11" goathater is 5'10" guess who craweled through the window in the rain. It wouldn't have been too bad except our truck is extended and there is toys and fairier stuff all over the backseat, floor and wherever else they could be. Goathater really laughed when I was about half way through the window and yelled don't step on my seat w/your wet feet, so I started to laugh and of course got stuck. Finally made through the truck dropped off the food and walked back up to the sale barn, after locking the truck. So we wait for our pony and of course when he went through the ring he suddenly was 2 yrs old ridden 12 times, we did not bring him home. So back to the barns, now it's raining cats and dogs. A couple others caught our eye so we went back to the ring, they sold for way to much $ then this big ugly spotted thing ,blind in one eye, mane sticking up, 14yrs old, gelding and very well behaved came through. Guess who we bought?! Now remember we left the trailer at home, suddenly all the people we know at this sale are gone or have no trailer. 2hrs and $25 dollars later "Shamrock" is on his way to Michigan. The plan was I would get the boys and goathater would get the horse. Good plan til the tranny in the truck decided to take a break and the fog rolled in, we got home at the same time we should have been at the haulers house. We made some calls and his mom said she would keep the boys so it's off to get the horse. For some reason that went off w/o a hitch. Finally at midnite we crawl into bed only to get up early and go the 1 1/2 hrs to get the kids who happened to be on a sugar buzz from Nannas. The didn't even see the pony when the got home at first when they did he was the wronge color. I thought goathater was going to blow. Couple more hours go by and it's time to leave for the rodeo not a bad trip only 2 1/2 hrs there and back. But goathater rode and got 2nd place so he was in a good mood, back in the car for 2 1/2 hrs home at 1am. Of course Sunday was Easter so it was up @ 7am with the kids at this point I am wondering why I had kids, then off to his moms again! Now we got home about 5 did chores and collapesed what a relief until I realized spring break starts on Monday and the boys would be home for a week. Monday wasn't too bad the boys bounced like ping pong balls because of all the sugar which has finally been taken away, unless they have another stash somewhere which is possible. Tuesday it gets crazy again. The lambs have started comming!!! Two sets of Jacob twins on Tuesday in the snow,rain and sleet one of the bags didn't break but we did save it. One Jacob lamb on Wednesday, and two sets of Suffolk/Jacob twins today both of todays twins are all ewe lambs one orpaned so she is in my bathroom. At least I have a goat I can milk to feed her it's a crazy LaMoncha that was given to me. Each milking is an experiance as she kicks, jumps and bites. Thank GOD she is a LaMoncha/Pygmy otherwise I wouldn't be able to milk her. Anyway thats my update for now the Boer goat doe is getting ready, twins I think and there is only 10 more ewes to go....think I will go sit in a dark room and rock. Just kidding I love it. Have a good one

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