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Posted by Karen on April 17, 2002 at 08:09:22:

In Reply to: Re: Update but far from out of the woods!!!!!!!!!! posted by Gloria on April 16, 2002 at 18:42:12:

Have you pulled the kids off this doe?? I went back into the posts and couldn't tell, I may have missed it if you did. If you haven't I would pull them and try to bottle feed them. This will cause some stress to the mother but if she is that sick she is not producing enough milk anyway, and even if she is then all of her energy is going to milk and not into getting better. Also since you are havin such a hard time drenching her you may want to consider tube feeding her. It is scary at first but it is much easier than fighting with them. If possible it would be best to have somebody show you how to do this at least the first time. Many feed-stores will have what you need, otherwise if your vet does cattle he should be able to get you a calf tube feeder fast. To make it as easy as possible on you and the doe wet the tube, slide it in the side of her mouth (you can move it to the center of her mouth later if needed), gently push it to the back of her throat until you feel resistance, the resistance is her gag area, now so you don't put it in her lungs instead of her stomach wait until she swallows keeping steady pressure on it at all times. Keep the fluid end of the tubber on the ground until the stomach tube is in then lift it slowly, the fluid will drain on it's own. Now I don't remember how much you can give an adult goat at one time and you want to be careful so please check with other goat people to see what they say or ask goat 911 what the right amount is before giving it to her. I would be giving her electrolyes in the tuber as she is not eating and you need to get her vits to her. Also since she is on so much Penn. be sure to get Probs down her some how. And even if she only stands for a few minutes a day it is very important to get her up and even have her walk a bit if she will. The leg muscles seem to atrophy very fast in goats once they go down. IF you cannot get her up ( I know this is hard if you are alone) then gently move all 4 legs one at a time. I streach the leg out in front as far as possible, bend at the elbow several times (while supporting the knee and ankle), then bend the knee , supporting the ankle, and last bend the ankle while supporting the knee. Do this one all 4 if she is tired do it just a few times each about 3 times a day. I find it is easiest if you can get the goat to lay flat on it's side, the range of motion is easier to carry out. When you are finished make sure she is in the sitting position, if she can not do this on her own a few straw bales can help prop her up. Even though it may look like she is not eating or drinking keep water and grass hay where she can get to it at all times. Just a note I am not a vet but these things have worked for me in the past, I have also had them not work but normally because I waited to long to do it or pnumonia set in. Good Luck and please keep us posted.

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