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Article on treating Pink Eye

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Posted by Helene on April 17, 2002 at 15:40:51:

I came across this really great article on treating Pink Eye.

It has some really good info all the way around, but I will copy and paste what it says about treating pink eye. It also mentions spraying Tylan 200 in the eye, and gives some instruction on how to treat more advanced cases of Pink Eye,

Pinkeye- When the goat's eye begins to water, I shoot 1 cc of Tylan 200 into the eye. I draw up 1 cc in a syringe, remove the needle and shoot the liquid onto the eyeball. Of course I wear rubber gloves as pinkeye is very contagious. If the pinkeye is serious when I first discover it I will spray some Furox (nitrafurazone) directly into the eye from a spray can or I will shoot penicillin directly on the eyeball. I doctor the goat every day until the pinkeye clears up (which it will normally do in 14 to 21 days). In advanced cases of pinkeye where the goat is already blind, I will give 1 cc of penicillin onto the eyeball. Sometimes an intermuscular shot of evaporated milk (such as Pet Milk or Carnation Milk) will help cure pinkeye. This procedure introduces a foreign enzyme into the goat's system and they will produce antibodies to combat the milk which will also fight the pinkeye

I found this article at

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