Good News and Good News, I Think !!!!!!!!

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Posted by Gloria on April 18, 2002 at 07:40:58:

Got in from work, went out to do chores and on my way to the goat barn, what did I hear? That unmistakable sound of a brand new baby goat....... Well another goat had just kidded, she gave us triplets, all doelings. She had them all cleaned up and was starting to nurse them, YEA!!!!!!!!!! They are beautiful. Wish I had the ability to put them on this site. (I'm not excited or anything, am I?). Just so happy since we have had so much trouble and worry over our other young mommy. Speaking of our other sick mommy, last night she was walking around more and a little more attentive to her twins :) . We still couldn't get her to eat so as a last resort,hubby put sone llama feed in a small pan and she went right for it. Go figure, I was concerned that she might scour however, we had to do something. Well she didn't eat a lot but enough to finally have a poop this morning, not runny either, on the soft side but a formed clump. We are begining to think that somehow she associates her goat feed with becoming so sick....?? Do you think that is possible? Will keep you informed. She has not had a fever through all of this. Her ears were cold when she first got sick but have warmed up now. I take that to be a good sign I hope. Have 2 more does due anyday now, the one concernes me because she is older and hasn't been bread for a long time. She is a Toggenburg that we saved. She was a pet that the kids and people didn't want anymore,(this was last summer)they were going to put her down. If they told us the truth she should be about5-6 years old. She is a sweetheart.What a mess she was when we got her, her hooves were so long and split that she looked like she was wearing elf shoes,they were turned up so bad and long. Is there anything special we should be aware of or do for her due to her age? A big THANK YOU to all who have offered us support and info. to get through with our sick mommy, she has always been on the small side,never really gave her a name but her number is 13, so we have started calling her Lucky,for the #13 and in the positive hopes that she will pull through this . Will update later. Gloria

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