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Re: What right for a goat?

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Posted by Linda F on April 18, 2002 at 16:48:19:

In Reply to: What right for a goat? posted by Lila on April 18, 2002 at 15:52:23:

Hi Lila, haven't talk to you in quit some time. I did however see your post above about Bo-SE though, I will tell you as of right now a vet in this area will not prescribe it because our area is not selinium difficient not like other parts of the country and too much selinium can be toxic to gaots as well. I know we have so many questions about graining our goats but I truely have learned alot through this whole incident. Unless you are milking the goats you are graining they just don't need the grain, but I can see where they do grain in dairy operations where they milk there does 200 days or more. Where we live corn and alfalfa are abundant and we tend to feed our goats like they are pigs. If you check out some of the other boards on the internet you see alot of talk about Boers or boerX with bad legs, no milk, bottle babies, metabolic problems (ketosis,milk fever ect.) Magic is the staple for everything because the does are throwing ketones in their urine from being fat. About the only thing graining my goats has produced is a high feed bill and lots of hoof trimming (grain makes the hooves grow faster) and of course fat does. So I have consulted with alot of people on this and after my last doe kids I will go to a differant feeding program starting when we wean this last bunch. Goats are naturally browsers and their bodies can do remarkable things when not over conditioned and I think grass hay the first 100 days of gestation free choice and slowly switching to alfalfa the last 50 days will help alot. In Boers its really hard to tell if their just muscled or fat. Now my bucks are fat but come this fall again they will work it all off. I do not grain my bucks they get only grass hay. The kids I wean will continue to have free choice grain and alfalfa (of course the grain will have amonium chloride in it for the bucklings) until they are about 6-8 months depending on size, after that they get what all the other adults get. I really think that this will be a good move for us and less headaches. I could go on as you know but I better go do chores and check on my doe. By the way Lila I have a differant email addy. Tell Lyman hi for me and I will talk to you again soon. I think the worst has pasted for you and me both and there are better days ahead!

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