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Posted by Helene on April 20, 2002 at 14:10:38:

Hi guys..Ok this is my delema..After Eris had her c-section, we put her and the baby in our goat area..and moved the rest of the goats to the calf area. We put Jessie in w/Eris and the kid, becasue she is due to kid next. So I have 5 goats in the calf area. 2 are bucks, 3 are does, ages 1-1/2 yrs, and the other two 9 mos old

Ok so my problem, the darn (and I am using the word darn becauase you really don't want to hear the word I want to use) goats find a way out of the calf area ALL THE TIME. I am about tired of getting them back in, and them eating my flowers etc.

The other day I wanted to put all the girls back together in the same pen w/Eris and Jessie and the new kid. of the 9 mo olds got out and My son put her in the pen w/Eris and she went directly for the kid, head butting him around etc. So we took her out and put her back w/the others in the calf section. I was afraid she would hurt him.

So now I am thinking if I put all 3 of the does back, they are going to hurt him. Eris stands by closely and tried pushing her away..The kid is 1 week old..or was 1 week old this past Wed. Can I not safely put all the does back together in the same pen? Will they hurt the little guy do you think?

I want to keep the bucks seperate until after Jessie kids, and I can deal w/them in the calf section, becasue they are not the ones that escape all the is those dang does.. The vet suggested I keep Eris and the bucks seperated for atleast another week..again, which again is not the problem..

Another question is..after Jessie kids, when can I safely put the bucks back in there with them?

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